Oct 16, 2023

BOLT 7: The Revolutionary High-Power.

With the development of global trade, containers have become an indispensable part of international freight. High-power laser cutting machines are also widely used in the field of container manufacturing.

Firstly, high-power laser cutting machines can be used to cut steel plates for containers. The manufacturing of containers typically requires a large number of steel plates, and traditional cutting methods have issues such as low efficiency and poor precision. However, high-power laser cutting machines can quickly and accurately cut steel plates using high-energy laser beams, greatly improving production efficiency.

Secondly, high-power laser cutting machines can also be used for engraving and marking on container panels. During the container production process, it is often necessary to label the panels for subsequent assembly and management. Traditional marking methods often require additional processes and have poor results. However, high-power laser cutting machines can achieve clear and lasting engraving and marking on the panels by adjusting the intensity and speed of the laser beam, greatly improving work efficiency and marking quality.

In addition, high-power laser cutting machines can be used for the manufacturing of container components. Containers have complex structures and require a large number of components for assembly. High-power laser cutting machines can quickly and accurately cut various shaped components according to design drawings, providing convenience for container manufacturing.

In conclusion, high-power laser cutting machines have great potential in the field of container manufacturing. They not only improve production efficiency and product quality but also reduce production costs, bringing new opportunities to the container industry. In this industry context, CIMC has purchased a large number of Pentalaser's BOLT 7 series high-power laser cutting machines. These machines not only have higher precision and processing efficiency but also enable complex bevel cutting, saving a significant amount of materials and labor. The BOLT 7 series, as Pentalaser's top-notch processing platform, is known for its "4G" acceleration and is equipped with a high-power laser of 12kW or above, which brings quality improvements to sheet metal processing.

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