Penta Laser’s 60KW laser cutting machine made its debut in Thailand, leading the wave of laser cutting technology
The world's first 60KW laser cutting machine has been successfully delivered to Thailand and made its debut at an industrial exhibition held there. This significant event marks a new milestone for laser cutting technology and will bring tremendous technological advancements and economic benefits to...
Penta Laser and Chuangxin Laser jointly launch an 85000W laser cutting machine, once again breaking the high-power record in the cutting field.
On September 14th, Penta Laser (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd held a media conference for their 85000W laser cutting machine at their headquarters. Zhang Qingmao, the Director of the Laser Processing Committee of the Chinese Optical Society, Xu Xia, the rotating CEO of Penta Group, and Zeng Jianfeng,...
The Penta Laser Empowerment is Upgrading the Shipbuilding Industry with Intelligent Manufacturin
To enhance the resilience of the shipbuilding industry supply chain and promote the development of product branding and balanced industrial chains in the shipbuilding industry, the China Shipbuilding Industry Association organized experts to conduct multiple reviews based on the "T/CANSI 148-2023 Sh...
Focus Power · Create the Future | Penta Laser & IPG Online Technology Open Day and BOLT8 & 40KW New Product Launch
On April 26th, four cities collaborated and gathered a group of experts. Penta Laser held an online high-end product launch with the theme of "Focus Power · Create the Future".   【Bonten Magnetic Levitation】 Leading Laser into the 5G Era Accelerating the Production Speed 1、Adopting li...
Award|Penta Laser Wins "Weike Cup · OFweek 2022 Annual Laser Industry Laser Intelligent Equipment Technology Innovation Award"
The "Weike Cup · OFweek 2022 Laser Industry Annual Selection" hosted by OFweek, a high-tech industry portal, and organized by OFweek · Laser, was held on November 14th in Shenzhen, China. This year's selection set up a total of nine major awards, and after several m...
Started with Trust: How the Unique 12kW Technology Helps Hua Yin Steel Structure Upgrade its Production Capacity
Penta Laser organized a customer appreciation event with the theme "Started with Trust: Journeying Together Across Mountains and Seas", which has reached its second stop. Together, we visited Hua Yin Group to witness the exceptional capabilities of China's most professional steel structure manufactu...

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Find the right laser machine for the material you need to process. We offer systems for a wide range of materials and applications. Discover new possibilities for your success.
Laser Cutting Machines
Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting equipment for sheet materials, power range from 3-60KW, with multiple sizes available to meet your processing needs.

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3D Laser Cutting
3D Laser Cutting

3D laser cutting machine is suitable for precise cutting of various complex-shaped workpieces.

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Laser cutting flexible production line
Laser cutting flexible production line

Modular design、intelligent control、system networking management

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PENTA LASER GAN Series 3D Five-Axis Laser Cutting Machine. In the current automotive industry, which is undergoing rapid development, BYD Automobile has begun to adopt advanced technology and equipment in order to improve production efficiency and quality. In this context, 3D five-axis laser cutting...
BOLT 7: The Revolutionary High-Power. With the development of global trade, containers have become an indispensable part of international freight. High-power laser cutting machines are also widely used in the field of container manufacturing. Firstly, high-power laser cutting machines can be used to...
Introduction to the Application of PENTALASER BULL Laser Cutting Machine in Sany Heavy Industry. The PENTALASER BULL laser cutting machine has found extensive application in Sany Heavy Industry. With its advanced technology and precision cutting capabilities, it has revolutionized the manufacturing...
PENTA's flexible production line integration at XCMG Group. PENTA, a leading provider of laser cutting flexible production line solutions, has successfully implemented its innovative technologies at XCMG Group, a renowned manufacturer of construction machinery. This collaboration has resulted in sig...
Introduction to the application of Pentalaser 40-meter large-format laser cutting machine in the leading company "Huisheng Heavy Industry" in the offshore equipment industry. Pentalaser is a well-known laser cutting machines manufacturer, and its latest 40-meter large-format laser cutting machine ha...

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Find the right laser machine for the material you need to process. We offer systems for a wide range of materials and applications. Discover new possibilities for your success.

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