Intelligent Sheet Production Workshop Escorted Domestic Large Cruise

Jan 22, 2024

Building a large cruise ship is like building a brick, and the subsections are the bricks that make up the cruise ship.  For the requirements of weight control, about 80% of the hull of the first domestic large cruise ship is made of 4-12 mm thick thin plates, which are very easy to deform in the welding process. How to assemble the subsections without overcoming deformation is the primary challenge in the construction process of large cruise ships. The first domestic large cruise ship has 690 subsections, and the second one under construction is even larger. Even if each plate has only a small deformation, they may converge together, which may lead to the deviation of the center of gravity and the decrease of stability of the cruise ship. Conventional welding and manufacturing processes can not meet the requirements of large cruise ships for thin plates, so the intelligent thin plate production workshop came into being. The intelligent thin plate production workshop adopts the latest automation technology and robot system, realizing the digital management of the whole process from design to production. By connecting with the advanced CAD/CAM system, the production workshop can accurately cut, bend and assemble thin plate materials of various shapes according to the design drawings, greatly improving the production efficiency and accuracy. Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Intelligent Thin Plate Production Workshop has realized the automation and  digitalization of production through intelligent equipment, industrial Internet of Things technology, intelligent thin plate workshop manufacturing execution system and parts logistics system, and gradually moving towards intelligence.  The intelligent sheet production workshop has achieved a number of "firsts in China" -- the first time to use the most advanced high-power laser composite welding production line, the first time to apply robot welding technology to the production process of assembling ships, through the accurate control of the heat input and assembly accuracy of the welding process by the machine, the deformation in the production process is minimized to the greatest extent, and through the first set of engineering application of the manufacturing execution system in the domestic shipbuilding industry, the integration of design, production and management has been realized.  As an important breakthrough in China's shipbuilding industry, the domestic large cruise ship has very high requirements for the production process and quality of the sheet metal. The traditional manual operation is prone to errors and mismatches, while the intelligent production workshop can ensure that each sheet is fully in line with the design requirements, improving the overall structural strength and safety performance of ships. New processes and new technologies have brought about the improvement of production efficiency and quality. At present, the sheet workshop has the ability to produce the sheet segments required by 1. 5 cruise ships a year. The main production line with a total length of more than 200 meters only needs six or seven workers to control, and the steps such as leveling and milling are realized by the machine.  The welding speed has increased by more than 4 times compared with the previous one, which can reach 2. 5 meters per minute. Using the special numerical detection system, the defect detection that originally takes half a month can now be realized within a shift.  At the same time, on the assembly line, with the assistance of up to 8 welding robots, 4 people can complete the workload of 16 people, and the welding robot can work with workers at different peak hours, realizing the operation status of "black light factory".  In addition, the intelligent factory also creates a better working environment for workers and reduces labor injuries. Cameras and sensors extend the operators' field of vision, and they can see the status of welding in real time on the screen, avoiding the laser's damage to the eyes.  The protective door of the laser operation area is a layer of protection for the safety of workers.  Once it is accidentally opened, the operation process will immediately terminate. In addition, the application of harmful gas treatment and welding dust collection system in the factory also improves the safety and comfort of the operation. In terms of management, digitization reduces the cost of information transmission and improves the efficiency of organizational operation. The manufacturing execution system of intelligent thin plate production workshop through 21 station terminals has opened up the path of on-site data feedback, dispatching orders and execution results feedback.  Through mobile phones, people can know the attendance of staff in real time, understand the production status of each production line in the workshop and track the position of parts.  The construction of the intelligent sheet production workshop not only makes it possible to produce cruise sheets that meet the requirements, but also reduces the labor force required by the factory from 500 to less than 200 under the same output.  On the laser composite welding production line, the workers' jobs have changed from electric welder who directly carries out production operations to welding engineer and electrical engineer who ensure the stability of the machine.  The working environment and work intensity have been significantly improved compared with traditional factories. Now most of the time they just need to sit in front of the console, but this does not mean that the work is easier. No matter how advanced the equipment is, it also needs people to operate and maintain.  A continuous flow of people is the key factor to keep the machine running. Most of the core equipment of the sheet center is used for the first time in the domestic shipbuilding industry.  There is no adaptive local experience to refer to.  Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding has set up the first laser composite welding industrial workers in the shipbuilding industry from scratch.  As the first intelligent factory in the domestic shipbuilding industry, the intelligent sheet production workshop has realized the upgrading of the manufacturing process of the shipbuilding industry.  On the one hand, it has promoted the exploration of the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to the localization of technology.  On the other hand, it has promoted the improvement of the ability of the industrial workers.  The intelligent sheet production workshop not only provides a reliable guarantee for the construction of domestic large cruise ships, but also enhances the competitiveness and brand image of China's shipbuilding industry.  In the future, with the continuous development of intelligent technology, it is believed that China's shipbuilding industry will usher in a brighter future and continue to show strong strength and innovation ability in the international market

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