Penta Group's 2023 Annual Review and Commendation Conference was successfully held

Feb 19, 2024

Penta Group held its 2023 annual review and commendation conference at 2 pm on January 26, 2024 in the report hall on the first floor of Building 6, the main venue of the group, as well as the branch venues of Wuhan Company, Shandong Company and Shenzhen Jinbofang Company. The conference aims to recognize the teams and employees who have worked hard and achieved outstanding results over the past year, as well as summarize the work of the past year and clarify the future development direction.

At the conference, Wan Chixiong, general manager of Shandong Company, took the lead in the work summary of 2023 and the work plan report of 2024.He reviewed in detail the achievements of Shandong Company in business development, technological innovation and market expansion in the past year, and put forward the development goals and specific measures for the next year.

Then, Xu Xia, director of after-sales service of the Group and director of Wenzhou Company, made the work summary of 2023 and the work plan report of 2024.He focused on the overall situation of the group's after-sales service, including the construction of the after-sales service system, the improvement of service quality and the improvement of customer satisfaction, and planned and prospected for the after-sales service work in the next year.

Then, Li Zheng, deputy director of the Group's Research Institute, presented the group's research and development situation in 2023 and the research and development work plan report in 2024. He introduced the progress of the group's research and development work in detail, including the research and development of new technologies and new products, the application and protection of intellectual property rights, and prospected and planned for the research and development work in the coming year.

In addition, Yu Jiazhu, vice president and director of international sales, made a summary of the international market sales in 2023 and a plan for international sales in 2024. Qin Xiaoming, general manager of Shenzhen Jinbofang Laser Technology Co., Ltd., also shared the work summary in 2023 and the work plan in 2024.

In the commendation session, the Penta Group awarded the teams and individuals who had outstanding performance in the past year.Behind these honors, there is the hard work and selfless dedication of every employee.They interpreted the enterprise spirit and values of the Penta Group with practical actions, and became a model for all employees to learn.

After the commendation, the chairman gave a speech to express his heartfelt thanks to all employees and looked forward to the future development of the Penta Group.Comrade Wang Wenyuan, Red Collar Secretary, also gave a speech, and put forward expectations and requirements for the development of the Penta Group.

Finally, the president of the Penta Group gave a concluding speech. He emphasized that the Penta Group is in the key period of upgrading, listing, innovation and development. All the staff should continue to carry forward the spirit of unity and hard work, forge ahead with a more vigorous fighting spirit and a more solid work style, and jointly promote the Penta Group to achieve a more brilliant future.

The successful holding of the summary and commendation conference is not only a comprehensive review and summary of the work of the past year, but also a prospect and planning for the future development.We believe that with the joint efforts of all the staff, the Penta Group will usher in a better tomorrow!

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