Penta Laser launches revolutionary four-in-one laser welding machine: Leading China's manufacturing industry to high-quality development

Mar 01, 2024

In the wave of promoting China's manufacturing industry to high-quality development, Penta Laser has recently developed a revolutionary four-in-one handheld laser welding machine with its excellent research and development strength. It integrates cutting, welding, weld cleaning and cleaning functions, injecting new vitality into China's manufacturing industry. The emergence of this four-in-one laser welding machine fully demonstrates the advanced nature of laser processing technology. The laser cutting function can realize accurate and complex contour cutting, which not only ensures the high precision size requirements, but also the fast cutting speed, especially suitable for mass production, greatly shortening the processing cycle.

In terms of welding, the four-in-one laser welding machine has shown excellent performance. The high quality welding effect can produce a large depth and width of the weld, ensuring the high strength and excellent sealing of the weld, and no pores and inclusions. In addition, its heat affected area is small, the heat input is precisely controllable, effectively reducing the thermal deformation and heat affected area, ensuring the dimensional stability and material performance after welding. The high degree of automation makes the machine easy to be automated, suitable for continuous production lines, thus improving production efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that the four-in-one laser welding machine also has a weld cleaning function. Laser cleaning technology can precisely remove oxides, rust and other residues around the weld, thus improving the quality and appearance of the weld, providing a better basis for subsequent processing procedures.

In addition, the four-in-one laser welding machine also has a wide range of cleaning functions.As a non-contact, non-medium cleaning method, laser cleaning will not cause damage to the material matrix, ensuring the safety and integrity of the material.

The launch of the four-in-one handheld laser welding machine by Penta Laser not only brings revolutionary changes to China's manufacturing industry, but also demonstrates the huge potential of laser processing technology in manufacturing industry. In the future, with the continuous development and improvement of laser technology, we have reason to believe that China's manufacturing industry will show a more competitive edge on the global stage.

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