Penta Laser welcomes American customers again to demonstrate its high-end laser cutting technology strength

Jun 20, 2024

In the wave of laser technology, Penta Laser has once again attracted international attention with its outstanding technology and innovation capabilities. On June 14, 2024, Penta Laser welcomed another group of important American customers who came to China from afar to personally visit and experience Penta Laser's advanced equipment and technology.

The American customers first arrived at the Wenzhou factory. As soon as they stepped into the factory, they were attracted by the busy and orderly production line. Accompanied by business personnel, the customers learned about Penta Laser's automation equipment in detail. These equipment have won the praise of customers for their seamless automation process and efficient production capacity. Among them, the BOLT VII laser cutting machine, with its excellent performance, shows unparalleled advantages in cutting heavy plates, efficient and accurate, and completely changes the cumbersome and inefficient traditional cutting process.

Immediately afterwards, the customers visited the laser flame composite cutting machine. This equipment combines speed and precision. Not only does it double the cutting speed, but it is also more accurate, the laser power is increased by 10 times, and the power consumption is reduced. Its excellent performance impressed American customers with the technical strength of Penta Laser.

During the visit to the Wenzhou factory, customers also witnessed the process of equipment proofing. They saw that under the equipment of Penta Laser, various materials can be accurately cut into the required shapes and sizes. This superb technology and efficient production capacity make customers full of confidence in the products and services of Penta Laser.

The next day, American customers went to the Wuhan factory, where Penta Laser's tube cutting equipment was mainly displayed. Among them, the WPC 12050 professional laser tube cutting machine aroused great interest among customers. With its four-chuck design, this equipment can easily handle pipes of various calibers and lengths. Whether it is a round tube, a square tube or a special-shaped tube, it can achieve one-button processing, greatly improving production efficiency. The application of semi-automatic loading and unloading system makes the processing of pipes simple and fast.

Under the explanation of business personnel and technicians, American customers have a deep understanding of the performance advantages and operation methods of these equipment. They also watched the actual cutting process of the equipment and witnessed the efficiency and precision of Penta Laser equipment with their own eyes.

The visit of American customers not only gave Penta Laser an opportunity to showcase its advanced technology and high-quality products, but also strengthened the cooperation and exchanges between the two parties. Penta Laser will continue to uphold the concept of innovation, efficiency and precision to provide better services and products to global customers. At the same time, Penta Laser also looks forward to establishing cooperative relations with more international customers to jointly promote the development and application of laser technology.

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