Plate Heat Exchanger Laser Welding Machine: a New Choise for High Efficiency and Environmental Protection

Apr 03, 2024

Plate heat exchanger is a widely used heat exchanger, mainly used in energy and environmental protection equipment, pharmaceutical and food equipment, etc. As the country's environmental protection requirements become higher and higher, the demand for environmental protection equipment is also increasing. As an important component of energy exchange in environmental protection equipment, the demand for plate heat exchangers is also growing.

The manufacturing process of traditional heat exchange plates is relatively cumbersome. First, the stainless steel plate is stamped. After stamping, resistance welding or artificial argon arc welding is used to weld the upper and lower stainless steel halves into one piece at the honeycomb position. Due to the large amount of heat input, the plate after resistance welding is seriously oxidized at the weld position, which reduces the service life of the plate. Manual argon arc welding can effectively prevent oxidation of the weld, but for plates with thousands or even tens of thousands of welding spots, manual welding efficiency is low and the consistency of the weld cannot be guaranteed.

Laser welding is an emerging welding process that is widely used in automobile parts, military industry, aerospace, rail transit and other industries. For products such as plate heat exchangers, due to the large amount of welds and most of them are overlap welding, they are very suitable for laser welding. The welded plate has the advantages of small deformation, high weld consistency, and high pressure bearing of the plate.

For the welding of plate heat exchangers, Penta Laser independently developed the WEX series laser welding machine, which is specially used for the welding of plate heat exchangers. At present, the equipment has been successfully delivered to customers at home and abroad and has been widely praised.

In terms of overall design, the plate heat exchanger laser welding machine is divided into three parts, the loading workbench (with plate positioning function), the welding host and the unloading workbench. The maximum processing width of the equipment can reach 12 meters × 2 meters, and other processing widths can be customized. The main machine of the equipment adopts a steel plate welded structure. After heat treatment and aging treatment, it can ensure the long-term accuracy of the equipment. The equipment uses fiber laser as the light source and is equipped with a first-line brand laser welding head. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with 2 sets of water cooling systems, one for temperature control of optical components and one for temperature control of the welding workbench.

In terms of mechanical design, the design concept is that the gantry and workbench are fixed and the plates are moved. The welding host is designed with 4 sets of compression beams to ensure the fit of the upper and lower plates and prevent gaps from occurring during the welding process, resulting in poor welding. At the same time, the equipment is designed with a small X-axis, which can make honeycomb welding more efficient.

In terms of electrical design, CNC systems and operating software imported from Italy are used. The imported CNC system can ensure the long-term stability of the equipment. The operating software has been upgraded many times to optimize human-computer interaction and make operation easier. The machine tool’s alarm information and signal processing are clear at a glance. The equipment does not require professionals to operate, and ordinary workers can use the equipment skillfully.

In terms of technology, Penta has developed several sets of technology databases. For double-sided drum plate heat exchangers, the front and back sides are naturally formed and the penetration consistency is high. The surface and back of the weld are designed to be anti-oxidation, and the weld after welding is silver-white.

Based on the above design, Penta WEX series plate heat exchanger laser welding machines have been used at domestic and foreign customer sites. Some companies have large order volumes and their equipment operates 24 hours a day. Reliability and stability are the salient features of Penta laser welding machine. As more and more equipment is put into production, the plates produced by the Penta laser plate heat exchanger laser welding machine are used in more and more environmental protection equipment, promoting the development of environmental protection equipment.

Stay tuned for more laser welding applications!

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