Penta Laser debuts at SIMOTS 2024 Korea Manufacturing Exhibition, demonstrating new breakthroughs in laser cutting technology

Mar 29, 2024

Recently, Penta Laser will participate in the SIMOTS 2024 exhibition to be held at the KINTEX 1-2 exhibition hall in Goyang, South Korea from April 1 to 5, 2024. As the largest production and manufacturing technology exhibition in South Korea, this exhibition will attract the attention of the global manufacturing industry and provide a platform for exchange and cooperation for professionals in the industry.

As a leading company in the field of laser technology, Penta Laser has been committed to the research, development and innovation of laser cutting, welding and other technologies. At the SIMOTS 2024 exhibition, Penta Laser will showcase its latest laser cutting technology achievements at booth 09G310 in Hall 9 in the metal cutting and welding technology exhibition area of KINTEX 2.

At this exhibition, Penta Laser will display a variety of industry-leading laser equipment, including BOLT VII 3015 12kW laser cutting machine, WPL 6025 6kW laser tube cutting machine, and SWING III 4020 12kW with automatic loading. These devices have broad application prospects in the manufacturing field due to their high precision, high efficiency and high stability.

As one of the star products of Penta Laser, the BOLT VII 3015 12kW laser cutting machine has excellent cutting performance and stability. This equipment uses advanced laser technology and intelligent control systems to quickly and accurately complete cutting tasks of various metal materials, providing a more efficient and accurate solution for the manufacturing industry.

At the same time, the WPL 6025 6kW laser tube cutting machine is also a highlight of the Penta Laser Exhibition. This equipment is specially designed for pipe cutting and can achieve efficient and precise cutting of various pipes. It is widely used in the production and manufacturing of pipes, radiators and other industries.

In addition, the exhibition of SWING III 4020 12kW automatic feeder is also highly anticipated. Through the automatic loading function, this equipment reduces manual intervention, improves the automation level of the production line, reduces production costs for enterprises, and improves production efficiency.

Penta Laser's participation in this exhibition not only demonstrates its technical strength and product advantages, but also reflects its in-depth participation and active contribution to the development of global manufacturing. Through the SIMOTS 2024 exhibition, Penta Laser will have in-depth exchanges with professional visitors and industry elites from all over the world to jointly discuss the future development trends and technological innovation directions of the manufacturing industry.

It is believed that driven by outstanding companies such as Penta Laser, the global manufacturing industry will continue to make new breakthroughs and progress and contribute more to the development of human society. Penta Laser sincerely invites industry elites from all over the world to visit the exhibition. We look forward to witnessing the birth and display of more innovative achievements at the SIMOTS 2024 exhibition.

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