Laser Empowerment: the Road to Innovation in the Shipping Industry

Mar 25, 2024

Recently, news about my country’s aircraft carrier construction has attracted much attention. Multiple media reported that two new-generation large through-deck aircraft carriers are preparing to start construction. The two aircraft carriers will be built at the Jiangnan Shipyard and Dalian Shipyard at the same time.

Penta Laser has been deeply involved in the laser industry for many years. Driven by word-of-mouth, Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Shipyard introduced 2 Penta Laser high-power laser cutting machine equipment, which has entered the complete machine commissioning stage.

With the improvement of shipbuilding technology, laser cutting machines are increasingly important in the shipbuilding industry. Its high-precision cutting and high plasticity characteristics are highly consistent with the development trend of the shipbuilding industry and promote the market growth of the shipbuilding industry.

Comparison between laser processing and traditional processing

In the shipbuilding industry, laser cutting machines use steel plates as the main material. Compared with traditional punch processing, laser cutting machines can significantly shorten the production cycle and save costs. Only two major processes are required: sheet metal entering the factory and laser cutting (including cutting, beveling, and drilling), which simplifies the operation process, increases processing speed, and reduces labor costs. Laser cutting has significant advantages in the processing of medium and thick plates. The cutting speed is fast. As the power increases, the cutting speed and thickness of carbon steel plates also continue to increase. Its cutting quality is high, no secondary processing is required, and it can be directly welded, reducing coordination hours and achieving precision cutting. In the future, laser cutting machines will be used in more shipbuilding companies, and high-power laser cutting machines will become a development trend.

The importance of flexible intelligent production lines to ship manufacturing

Penta laser automated production lines are used in leading companies such as Sany Heavy Industry, XCMG, CIMC, etc., effectively improving manufacturing efficiency.

The production line integrates a three-dimensional material warehouse, intelligent conveyor lines, laser cutting and intelligent sorting systems to achieve automation and intelligent control of the entire process. Through intelligent systems, intelligent management and control from production planning to product completion is achieved.

The combination of laser cutting machines, CNC and robots provides users with intelligent and flexible production solutions. Combined with the hydraulic lifting auxiliary mechanism and exchange platform, fast and flexible loading and plate adjustment are achieved. Combined with a highly intelligent CNC system, the laser cutting machine can monitor and optimize the cutting process in real time, bringing significant efficiency improvements to the shipbuilding industry.

Application of Penta plane cutting machine in shipbuilding industry

1. Bull series large format fiber laser cutting machine

The large gantry bed design ensures high diagonal accuracy and is equipped with automatic accuracy compensation. It is suitable for monolithic machine cutting of large hull plates. The cutting machine is equipped with multi-layer nesting materials, extra-long air ducts, and automatic dust removal in zones, making it clean and environmentally friendly. Compared with plasma cutting, Penta Bull laser cutting machine has high precision, high-quality cross-section, fast cutting, high efficiency, small kerf and high material utilization. The main highlight is the beveling process, which can form a variety of bevel types at one time and achieve one-time cutting of various complex cross-sections. Compared with plasma cutting, laser cutting machines are more suitable for ship workpiece processing, greatly improving one-time molding efficiency and pushing shipbuilding efficiency to new heights.

2. Lightning series supreme magnetic levitation high-speed laser cutting machine

Split bed design, high-dynamic moving parts and high-load-bearing parts are independently loaded. The exchange table uses hydraulic lifting to directly adjust the load-carrying capacity of the second half of the cutting. High loads have no impact on the accuracy of the bed and high-dynamic moving parts. Any influence ensures the long-term stability of the accuracy of the machine tool. It is put into use in the shipping industry to ensure the stable and efficient production of ship workpieces.

Application of Penta welding in shipbuilding industry

Laser welding can be applied to hull thin and thick plates, decks, sandwich panels, watertight doors, blades, fin heat exchange tubes, C-type liquid tanks, containment systems and other components. The "Medium and Long-term Development Plan for the Shipbuilding Industry" issued by the State Council clarifies the guidelines and development goals of industrial planning, emphasizing deepening reform, accelerating development, improving independent research and development and marine equipment supporting capabilities, and enhancing core competitiveness. At the same time, we encourage the introduction and absorption of key technologies such as modular outfitting, efficient welding, and cutting, as well as modern shipbuilding production management technologies. In terms of efficient welding, Penta Laser's laser welding machine is an ideal choice.

Ship plate trolley type laser arc hybrid welding machine

Compared with traditional welding, this product has the following advantages: 1. Thick plates do not need to be beveled, saving processes. 2. High welding efficiency, 2-3 times that of traditional welding speed. 3. Suitable for laser welding of various sizes. 4. Low heat input, the plate does not need to be corrected. 5. Ultra-high precision welding

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