WPC Series Laser Pipe Cutting Machine: Ideal for Cutting Heavy Duty Pipes

Mar 18, 2024

With the continuous development of industrial technology, more and more industries have a higher and higher demand for pipe cutting. For heavy-duty pipe cutting needs, the WPC series laser pipe cutting machine has become the most ideal choice.

First of all, this series of cutting machines offers excellent performance and functionality. The worktable stroke can reach 9000-12000mm, the A/P axis can rotate N times 360°, the repeatability of the linear axis position is ±0. 03mm, the maximum speed of the linear axis is 72m/min, and the maximum speed of the rotary axis is 75rpm. The repeatability of the rotation axis position is ±8arc min. These excellent performance parameters ensure high precision and efficiency in the cutting process.

Secondly, this cutting machine has a wide range of applications, and the pipe diameter range that can be cut is Φ20-350mm □20×20-350×350mm. Moreover, the machine is also equipped with an optional bevel cutting function, making it possible to flexibly respond to various needs during the cutting process.

In addition, this high-precision pipe cutting machine has excellent load capacity and loading system. Using customized large-diameter and high-loading side hanging clamps, the maximum load capacity can reach 1. 2 tons. At the same time, it is equipped with a standard semi-automatic loading system and ensures centered loading of pipes through clamps with large clamping force, as well as servo-controlled floating supports and floating supports to support the loading and unloading process.

Finally, the WPC series laser pipe cutting machine also offers a variety of laser power options, ranging from 3000-6000W. Users can choose the appropriate laser power according to their needs and budget.

In short, the WPC series laser pipe cutting machine has become the best choice for cutting heavy pipes with its excellent performance, wide application range and high-quality loading system. If you are looking for a high-precision, high-efficiency cutting machine, you may wish to consider the WPC series laser pipe cutting machine, it will never let you down!

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