Penta Laser's 2024 Spring New Product Launch Conference and Wenzhou & Linyi Factory Open Day Activities were a Complete Success!

Apr 18, 2024
On April 14 and 17, 2024, factory open day activities with the theme of "Efficient Laser Technology Promotes the Development of New Productivity" were held in Linyi and Wenzhou factories respectively. Our company led a group of industry customers to comprehensively visit and experience the Penta Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Factory, displaying a variety of complete solutions in different fields including plane, tube cutting, welding, automation, etc. At the two events, a total of 400 customers and partners gathered together to experience the extraordinary charm of Penta Laser intelligent manufacturing through the constantly changing numbers in front of the MES system's large screen. The automated material warehouse system exported to the Netherlands, the newly developed head-specific laser cutting machine, the marine trolley-type tailor-welding robot, and the mysterious thick plate composite cutting tool amazed the customers at the factory and won a lot of applause and onlookers. Once again We have proven our value with our keen innovation and technical strength. After the factory tour, multiple detailed speech reports on new products were given. In the report, customers nodded frequently to express their approval, more than a hundred customers made product inquiries, and a large number of customers at the two places directly signed contracts to order products. Penta Laser has been riding high on the journey of the "10kW laser era", constantly revolutionizing the performance, power, speed and quality of laser cutting equipment, and has made many new technological and application breakthroughs. From kilowatts cutting 10mm thin plates, to 20kW cutting 30mm medium-thick plates, to 60kW cutting extra-thick plates over 100mm, achieving continuous leaps in power improvement. In 2022, Penta Laser won a large purchase order from BYD, and dozens of three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting equipment were successfully installed in the automotive battery integration production line. In 2023, Penta Laser won the first prize of Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Progress Award for "Laser Efficient Precision Processing Technology and Equipment of Complex Components", which was recognized and commended by the industry. In addition, Penta Laser's four major R&D and manufacturing bases across the country have completed a comprehensive layout! Penta Laser will continue to make efforts in the field of laser equipment, maintain the concept of innovative development, always reach new technological peaks, and strive to become the world's leading enterprise in laser intelligent equipment.

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