Strong Chain Brand | Penta Laser was invited to attend the 2024 Shipbuilding New Equipment (New Process) Application Seminar!

Apr 26, 2024

As a leading company in the laser industry, Penta Laser has been deeply involved in technology R&D and innovation. Starting from the pain points of industry market demand, relying on its deep R&D strength and sustainable technological innovation capabilities, after years of accumulation of industry technical knowledge, it has produced batches of high-precision products. Cutting-edge products not only provide strong support for the intelligent development of the global shipping industry, but also provide professional complete solutions for all walks of life!

In the report session of the seminar, Tang Da, the industry director of Penta Laser, was invited to deliver a report on the theme of "Laser Helps the Development of the Shipbuilding Industry". Penta Laser's breakthrough achievements in each important stage are displayed from multiple angles, and comprehensive explanations and insights are given on the development of the shipbuilding industry combined with the products developed by Penta Laser that are suitable for the production and manufacturing of the shipbuilding industry. He emphasized that Penta Laser always pays attention to market demand and provides efficient and accurate laser cutting, welding and other solutions for the shipbuilding industry through continuous innovation and product optimization.

At present, Penta Laser's 10,000-watt laser cutting machines, flexible intelligent production lines, Bull series large-format fiber laser cutting machines and other products have been widely used by leading companies in the shipping industry. According to the processing characteristics of the shipbuilding industry, Penta Laser combines its own With its research and development capabilities, it has created a trolley-type laser arc hybrid welding machine specially used for ship plate welding, which has greatly improved the production efficiency of the industry.

Attending the seminar not only demonstrated Penta Laser's leading position and strength in the field of laser technology, but also further enhanced the company's influence in the shipping industry. In the future, Penta Laser will continue to adhere to the innovation-driven development concept, increase research and development efforts, launch more high-precision products that meet market demand, and contribute more to the intelligent development of the global shipbuilding industry.

At the same time, Penta Laser also looks forward to strengthening cooperation and exchanges with more industry partners to jointly promote the widespread application and in-depth development of laser technology in the field of shipbuilding. It is believed that in the near future, laser technology will become an indispensable and important supporting force for the shipbuilding industry, injecting new vitality into the continued prosperity and development of the industry.

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