Congratulations丨 Penta Laser's intelligent equipment manufacturing base in Central China has been put into operation.

Jan 12, 2024

On December 22, 2023, Penta Laser's intelligent equipment manufacturing base in Central China held a grand production celebration, marking the official start of operations for the base. This important milestone has attracted widespread attention and participation from government officials, industry experts, and the media.

As Penta Laser's first research and development manufacturing base in Central China, the completion of this base will further promote the rapid development of laser intelligent equipment in the Chinese market. The base is equipped with advanced production equipment and efficient production lines, providing comprehensive laser intelligent equipment manufacturing services.

On the morning of the 22nd, government officials and industry experts visited Penta Laser's Wuhan factory, where they toured the Penta Laser exhibition hall and factory, and witnessed demonstrations of key equipment. At the production ceremony, representatives from the government, industry, and overseas key customers took the stage to deliver enthusiastic speeches. They expressed appreciation for Penta Laser's innovative achievements in the field of laser intelligent equipment and congratulated the launch of the base. At the same time, they also hoped that Penta Laser would continue to increase research and development efforts and drive innovation and development in the industry.

During the production celebration, Mr. Wu Rangda, President of Penta Laser Group, stated that the establishment of the base is an important part of the company's strategic layout. He said, "Central China has unique geographical advantages and talent resources, and we believe that establishing a research and development manufacturing base here will give Penta Laser a greater competitive advantage in the field of intelligent equipment."

At the same time, the base will focus on research and development and manufacturing in areas such as laser cutting, laser welding, and laser marking. Penta Laser adheres to the concept of technological innovation and is committed to providing customers with more efficient and accurate laser intelligent equipment solutions.

In the afternoon of the 22nd, Penta Laser organized the 2023 International Laser Processing Technology Application Seminar at the Huashan Yue Hotel, which was attended by representatives from the government and industry. At the seminar, Mr. Xu Xia, Senior Engineer at Penta Laser, delivered a report on "New Developments in High Power Laser Cutting Equipment". Other senior engineers also gave detailed presentations on topics such as 3D laser cutting equipment, composite welding equipment, bevel laser cutting pipe technology, automated production lines, and new energy, allowing participants to have a deeper understanding of Penta Laser's independently developed and innovative equipment and technologies.

The commissioning of Penta Laser's Central China research and development manufacturing base will not only inject new momentum into the economic development of Central China but also enhance Penta Laser's competitiveness in the Chinese and global laser intelligent equipment markets. It is believed that in the near future, Penta Laser's innovative achievements will bring more opportunities and development space to various industries.

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