Removing Rust Unveiled | Penta Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine Takes the Stage

Jan 09, 2024

Rust is inevitable on metal surfaces, and once it appears, it not only affects the aesthetics but also impacts performance and lifespan.

Traditional cleaning methods include friction cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, liquid high-pressure cleaning, and high-frequency ultrasound cleaning.


Drawbacks of traditional industrial cleaning methods are as follows:

Mechanical friction cleaning achieves high cleanliness but can easily damage the substrate.

Chemical corrosion cleaning causes severe pollution and is considered stress-free cleaning.

Liquid jet cleaning is costly, and the disposal of waste liquids is challenging.

High-frequency ultrasound cleaning has size limitations and requires drying of the cleaned parts.

A new cleaning technology, laser cleaning, offers an effective and efficient method for removing rust and oxide layers from metal surfaces. It utilizes processes such as light stripping, vaporization, ablation, plasma impact, and vibration to remove contaminants from the material surface, achieving the goal of cleaning while minimizing damage to the cleaned object.


The advantages of laser cleaning are as follows:

High efficiency, as the high-temperature energy instantly achieves cleaning effects.

Low cost, saving time and effort. It has a long-lasting and stable operation after an initial one-time investment.

Environmentally friendly, as it does not require chemical agents and generates almost zero waste. The Penta handheld portable cleaning machine makes laser cleaning accessible to everyone and is easy to operate.

It is safe, with no harmful gas emissions, equipped with laser safety systems, and ensures dust removal without harming people during rust removal.

Key features of the Penta handheld laser cleaning machine include non-contact cleaning that does not damage the workpiece substrate, precise selective cleaning based on dimensions, no need for any chemical reagents other than protective lenses, ensuring safety and environmental friendliness. The system is stable, requires minimal maintenance, and is easy to operate, either handheld or in conjunction with a mechanical arm for automation. It provides high cleaning efficiency, with a scanning width of the gun head ranging from 10-100mm and a rust removal area of up to 0.36 square meters per minute. The machine has a user-friendly interface, with the latest protective design for the cleaning head, a fully metal enclosure to prevent light leakage and injury, a front radiation observation window for easy monitoring of the cleaning effect, an integrated efficient dust removal channel to capture metal dust effectively, and an innovative roller design for precise focus without deviation. It also significantly reduces the weight when held in hand, making it easy to handle with one hand.

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